by Stacey Dowswell

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SHADES OF GREY Music and Lyrics by Stacey Dowswell Something I’ve come to realize Trying to define wrong and right Is that lines come in so many thicknesses these days For every blessing in disguise There’s a heartbreak hanging in the wings Just waiting for your fences to fall away So what’s the point in trying If the hurt is everywhere Just waiting for its chance to take the stage Take away your cares Dressed in watercolour Drawn in hazy lines Wrong and right seem to fill the scene But every blessing in disguise In vivid hues they seem to shine They cast their shadows on darker times So here’s the point in trying It’s the moments hanging in the air They’re yours for the taking And they come in a thousand shades of grey Something I’ve come to realise Standing between wrong and right Is that anyone can paint your grey away.
THE SPACE BETWEEN Music and Lyrics by Stacey Dowswell Don’t mind me staring It’s not that I care too much Or that I see you seeing me It’s just that you caught me Caught in a moment And I was lost in the space in between CHORUS In the space between Where we can be we And we can hold on to the brightness we’ve seen In the space between Where nothing else matters And no one is watching except you and me What does it matter If the chaos outside Comes crashing over The walls we’ve contrived In here we’re protected In a blanked of stillness In here we retreat; in here we can hide CHORUS BRIDGE If I find you there will you meet my eye? If I hold you there can we stop time? CHORUS
Broadway 04:01
BROADWAY Music and Lyrics by Stacey Dowswell The night is darker now that it's fallen around me The plot obscured now that its pages are torn right in front of me And why should I deny All the things that I have come to know And how can I go on Just stuttering and muttering my way by How bittersweet is the moment when you realize That your focus has been misplaced all this time So fly from these skies The only choice left is to test these wings And if I should happen to die Before I wake give my regards to Broadway But who am I To suggest anything Just another soul Lost in the ranks I can't go on Living your lies If this is all That can become of mine How bittersweet is the moment when you realize You were wrong all this time
I Wish 03:24
I WISH Music and Lyrics by Stacey Dowswell I wish I could write you a love letter I wish I could speak my mind But every time I try words seem to fail They seem to fall between the lines And every dusty memory that sticks between my teeth Reminds me of the lips I’d kiss; the lips I long to keep I wish I could hear you say All the things that I dream you’d think If only I’d the courage to admit to All the wishes I have made And every moment of discovery that falls between our feet Reminds me of the breath I hold whenever our eyes meet I wish that you could hear me Singing songs I cannot say I’d offer every word to you If they weren’t standing in my way If only I could look to you and Open up and say… I wish I could keep you near I wish I could touch your cheek I wish I could hold you close I wish you were mine alone


Whitesleeves began their existence as custom-curated EPs available at shows. Each track is a self-produced realization of a song as it occurs from the beginning, and serves as the basis for band arrangements and later professional production approaches.


released November 28, 2015


all rights reserved



Stacey Dowswell Toronto, Ontario

Stacey Dowswell is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter. Her flexible vocal stylings give way to an eclectic mix of folk, jazz, and country. Born and bred on and off stages in Sarnia, Ontario, she wears her dramatic flair and many influences on her sleeve; introspective lyrics and non-standard tunings support a voice that soars or soothes as the moment requires. ... more

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